June 28, 2024

Yeongjong Island Cafe Tour: Must-Visit Cafes Near Incheon Airport


Yeongjong Island, a beautiful island just 30 minutes from Seoul and home to Incheon Airport, is designed to meet the needs of travelers who visit to enjoy the scenic surroundings of mountains and the sea.

While many Koreans visit Yeongjong Island for a scenic drive by the sea, some come specifically to visit renowned cafes to enjoy coffee and relax. For travelers visiting Korea, spending some time on Yeongjong Island before departing from or after arriving at Incheon Airport can provide a unique experience and fond memories. While Seoul has many cafes, those on Yeongjong Island offer a unique environment with the sea and airport as backdrops, making them worth visiting.

So, which cafes should you visit? Yeongjong Island is home to many cafes, each with its own unique charm. Here are three cafes I frequently visit for their stunning surroundings, distinct features, and excellent coffee.

Cafe Mieum (카페미음): Recommended for Those Who Want to Experience Beautiful Interiors and the Beach

The first cafe is located right next to the sea, allowing visitors to enjoy both its well-designed interior spaces and the beach. Cafe Mieum, designed with a white color concept, is a three-story building with a rooftop offering scenic views. The open rooftop provides a spacious area for relaxation. The interior design is beautifully arranged, and stepping outside from the first floor towards the beach, you'll find a vast grassy area leading to a sandy beach. Visitors can play on the sandy beach and mudflats and even wash their feet afterward. Just ordering a cup of coffee lets you relax and play on the beach, making it a truly wonderful experience. On the day I visited, the weather was great, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings. If you enjoy sweet coffee, try Cafe Mieum's signature coffee, "Mieum Cream Latte," paired with your favorite pastry for a truly leisurely time.

Star Five (스타파이브): Recommended for Those Interested in Watching Planes Land and Appreciating Artworks

Star Five is a large cafe situated on a low hill near the runway of Incheon Airport. From inside the cafe, you can comfortably watch large planes land through massive windows without being disturbed by noise. The building's design features a three-story high open space, providing a sense of openness as you enter. Each floor is creatively arranged, and the second floor, in particular, collaborates with artists to display and sell various artworks. This collaboration benefits both the artists, who gain exhibition and sales space, and the cafe, which offers customers art and fills empty spaces with beautiful pieces. Some expensive paintings exceed $100,000 USD. Each floor has its own theme, so choose a space you like, relax, and enjoy some coffee and pastries. I visit this place whenever I want to appreciate artworks.

Dots and Dots (다츠도츠): Recommended for Those Looking for a Place to Relax with Distant Sea Views and a Mountain Backdrop

Dots and Dots is a cafe located on Muuido Island, connected to Yeongjong Island by a bridge. If you're visiting Hanagae Beach on Muuido, I highly recommend stopping by this cafe. The reason I love this place is that it offers unobstructed distant sea views from the front and a spacious terrace at the back with mountain views. There's a table on the terrace where you can relax with the mountains as your backdrop. I went with friends, and we enjoyed sitting outside at a large table, chatting and enjoying the serene atmosphere. What I loved most was the genuine feeling of being on an island, separated from the city and able to relax quietly. The passageways connecting each floor are cleverly designed, and there are multiple exits to the outside, making it feel like you are exploring hidden spaces.


Yeongjong Island offers a unique cafe experience that combines scenic beauty with delightful coffee and relaxation. Whether you're interested in beautiful interiors, watching planes land, or enjoying distant sea views, there's a cafe on Yeongjong Island for you. On your next visit to Korea, consider spending some time exploring these cafes near Incheon Airport for a memorable experience. 

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