April 1, 2023

Disclosure of Confidential Information (2): Must-Buy Items for Foreigners Visiting Korea


Are you planning to visit Korea soon or interested in Korean culture and products? In the previous blog post, we introduced some must-buy items for foreigners visiting Korea, such as glasses, dried seafood, Korean beauty products, instant noodles, and traditional Korean tea. In this blog post, we will continue to share five more items that you should consider buying when you visit Korea.

Oil and Various Condiments

Sesame oil, perilla oil, rice flour, anchovies, coin broth, red pepper powder, salted shrimp, perilla powder, and dried shrimp are some of the oil and condiments you can find in Korea. While you may be able to find these products elsewhere, the quality of these products cannot be compared to those in Korea. Korean cuisine uses various condiments and oils to enhance the flavor and aroma of dishes, and these products are essential for making authentic Korean dishes at home. Plus, these products are reasonably priced in Korea, so you can stock up on them without breaking the bank.

Korean Snacks and Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth or love trying new snacks, then Korean snacks and sweets are a must-try. From the iconic Pepero sticks to Choco Pies and rice cakes, there are various choices in Korea that are unique and tasty. Korean snacks and sweets come in various flavors, shapes, and sizes, and they make great souvenirs or gifts for friends and family. Plus, they are affordable, so you can indulge yourself without feeling guilty. Koreans also enjoy shrimp crackers(새우깡) as a beer snack.


Ginseng is a popular ingredient in traditional Korean medicine and is known for its health benefits. You can find various types of ginseng in Korea, including fresh, dried, and processed ginseng. Plus, you can get them for a reasonable price in Korea. Ginseng products are available in various forms, such as tea, capsules, extracts, and candy, and they are believed to boost energy, immunity, and overall health. Ginseng also makes a unique and valuable gift for someone who appreciates traditional Korean medicine and culture. In particular, Men who have experienced the benefits of red ginseng as a natural tonic often seek it out. Once they see its efficacy, they become loyal fans.

Instant Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, then you must try Korean instant coffee. Brands like Maxim and Kanu offer delicious instant coffee options that you cannot find anywhere else. Plus, decaffeinated options are also available for those who prefer milder coffee. Korean instant coffee is known for its rich and creamy flavor, and it comes in various packaging sizes, from individual packets to large jars. You can enjoy Korean coffee in the comfort of your home or office, and impress your coffee-loving friends with this unique and tasty coffee.

K-Pop Merchandise

K-Pop has taken the world by storm, and if you are a fan, then you must get your hands on some K-Pop merchandise. From albums to posters and even clothing, you can find various K-Pop products that you cannot find abroad. Korea is the hub of K-Pop culture, and you can find official merchandise from your favorite artists in stores and online. K-Pop merchandise makes great gifts for yourself or fellow K-Pop fans, and it allows you to show off your love and support for your favorite artists.

In conclusion, these are just some of the items that you should consider purchasing when visiting Korea. These products are unique to Korean culture and are difficult to find elsewhere. By purchasing these items, not only will you have a taste of Korean culture, but you will also have a unique souvenir or gift to bring back home.

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