June 6, 2024

5-Minute Incheon Airport Departure: The Ultimate Guide to Using City airport Terminal at Seoul Station

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This article serves as a follow-up to "How to Leave in 10 Minutes: Incheon Airport Departure Procedures," and delves further into expedited travel processes at Incheon International Airport. Particularly for travelers with heavy checked baggage, the options available are a significant advantage.

Pre-Airport Check-In at Seoul Station: A Great Advantage for Travelers with Heavy Luggage

Located on the underground second floor of Seoul Station, the City Airport Terminal (CAT) dramatically transforms the airport departure experience, especially for those burdened with bulky checked baggage. By using CAT, you can complete all departure procedures and be ready to fly from Incheon Airport in just five minutes. Here’s how it simplifies the journey:

Ease of Handling Heavy Luggage:

Travelers can check in their heavy luggage right at CAT, avoiding the need to manage cumbersome bags through airport terminals.

Efficient Processing:

After checking their luggage, travelers complete all necessary pre-departure formalities such as securing boarding passes and undergoing immigration right at CAT. This centralized service not only saves time but also minimizes the physical strain typically associated with airport navigation.

Services and Exclusive Routes for Expedited Airport Access

Key Benefits of Using CAT:

- Early Check-In: Travelers can check in for their flights well in advance. Check-in deadlines are 3 hours before departure for Terminal 1 and 3 hours and 20 minutes before for Terminal 2.

- Exclusive immigration Pathway at Incheon: After completing the pre-departure steps at CAT, passengers can use a special entrance at Incheon Airport to head directly to the boarding areas, saving considerable time especially for those with pre-checked baggage.

Services and Restrictions at CAT

Services Offered:

- Complete boarding procedures

- Luggage check-in

- Immigration checks

- Available for same-day departures on international flights from Incheon Airport


- Not available for purchasing airline tickets.

- Special care items and oversized luggage (over 150cm in length or 50kg in weight) are excluded.

Operating Times:

- Boarding process: 05:20 AM to 07:00 PM (Final reception at 06:50 PM)

- Immigration: 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Detailed Steps to Use CAT

1. Purchase a Direct Train Ticket: Buy a direct train ticket to Incheon Airport which includes the use of CAT services.

2. Enter Through the Gates: Use the QR code on your direct train ticket to pass through the gates and enter CAT located on the underground second floor of Seoul Station.

3. Complete Procedures: Once inside, complete all boarding and immigration procedures.

4. Board the Dedicated Elevator: After completing all procedures, take the dedicated elevator down to the underground seventh floor.

5. Board the Train to Incheon Airport: From here, board the train that will take you directly to Incheon Airport.

6. Use the Exclusive Immigration Pathway: Upon arrival at Incheon, proceed through the exclusive immigration pathway to access the departure area swiftly.

Participating Airlines and Terminal Information

Incheon Airport Terminal 1:

- Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air (excluding certain routes), T'way Air (excluding certain routes), Air Seoul, Air Busan, and Lufthansa all support check-in at CAT.

Incheon Airport Terminal 2:

- Korean Air and Jin Air (excluding certain routes) provide this facility.

For those burdened by the daunting task of navigating airport check-ins with hefty luggage, the City Airport Terminal at Seoul Station is not just a relief; it's a seamless transition to your flight—completely free of charge with your direct train ticket purchase. This service not only diminishes the weight of traveling with substantial baggage but also accelerates your journey to the boarding gate, significantly enriching your travel experience. To ensure a smooth travel day, verify the availability of this complimentary service with your airline prior to your departure.

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