June 16, 2024

Exclusive Finds: The Perfect Last-Minute Gifts Only at Incheon Airport Before Leaving Korea


As my journey in Korea came to an end, the familiar challenge of finding the perfect gifts for family and friends back home presented itself once again. I aimed to find items that were rare in my home country, uniquely Korean, or more affordable there, especially seeking cost-effective yet distinctly Korean items for colleagues.

While shopping in the city has its advantages, Incheon Airport offers a surprisingly delightful selection of both cost-effective and exclusive products.

1. 인천안녕샌드 (Incheon 'Goodbye' Sand)

The 인천안녕샌드, or "Incheon Goodbye Sand," is a unique and exclusive find available only at Incheon Airport, embodying the concept of a farewell with its name, 안녕, which means goodbye in this context. These butter cookies, inspired by traditional Korean sweets, are filled with a harmonious blend of jocheong caramel, whole wheat, and macadamia nuts. Their sophisticated packaging makes them an ideal gift, particularly appealing when served frozen. Priced at 16,000 won (about $10) for a box of 10, these cookies offer a special way to say goodbye, encapsulating the essence of Korea in a sweet treat that can only be purchased at Incheon Airport.

Selling Locations for Incheon Hello Sand:

Find them at Paris Baguette outlets near Gate 30 on 3F at Terminal 1, Check-In Counter G on 3F at Terminal 1, in the center of Public Area 1F at Terminal 2, and near Gate 118 on 3F at Concourse.

2. BHAF Honey Butter Almonds

BHAF's honey butter almonds, known for their wide array of flavors including the unique spicy tteokbokki, are another excellent, airport-exclusive choice. They cater to all tastes, whether for personal enjoyment or as a gift, with 11 and 22 flavor assortments priced at $26 and $42, respectively.

Selling Locations for Snacks:

You'll find BHAF almonds at "PACKAGED FOODS" near the Transfer Desk in Terminal 1 and "Sweets" near Gate 250 in Terminal 2.

3. Bibigo Seaweed Snacks

While seaweed snacks are widely popular and may not be unique, their convenience and lightweight make them an excellent choice for travelers. Especially considering their popularity among foreigners and the practicality of purchasing them duty-free after checking in luggage, they're a smart selection.

You'll find bibigo seaweed snacks at "PACKAGED FOODS" near the Transfer Desk in Terminal 1 and "Sweets" near Gate 250 in Terminal 2.

4. Korean Red Ginseng

For those looking to gift something meaningful, I highly recommend Korean red ginseng. Backed by extensive research for its health benefits—boosting immunity, reducing fatigue, improving blood flow, enhancing memory, and aiding women's health during menopause—Korean ginseng is unparalleled. At Incheon Airport, CheongKwanJang offers a premium selection of ginseng products. Unlike those available in the city, which might mix roots and stems, CheongKwanJang uses only the stem, known for its higher anticancer properties. Plus, duty-free shopping means you can enjoy a 10-20% discount.

On a personal note, ginseng has been my go-to for combating the weariness from work, and my family, too, cherishes its benefits. It's a natural supplement we turn to for an energy boost. Gifting it has always been met with enthusiasm. Prices range from 50g at $44, 100g at $80, to 240g at $179.

Selling Locations:

You can find CheongKwanJang ginseng near Gate 25 on 3F at Terminal 1 and Gate 251 on 3F at Terminal 2.

5. Korean Cosmetics

Despite the challenge of distinguishing them from city offerings, Korean cosmetics remain highly popular among foreigners at Incheon Airport. Olive Young offers a final opportunity to purchase high-quality, affordable beauty products, with essential buys from brands like Mediheal, Innisfree, COSRX, and Dr. Wonder.

Selling Locations for Cosmetics:

Olive Young stores can be found on the basement floor of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Choosing gifts from Incheon Airport isn't just about buying products; it's about sharing a piece of your journey. From the farewell-themed 인천안녕샌드 cookies, only available at the airport, to the health-enhancing ginseng and beyond, each item carries a story and a slice of Korea's rich culture, making your gifts truly special. Happy shopping!

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