November 26, 2023

Muslim-Friendly Seoul: A Guide to Prayer Rooms at Incheon Airport and Downtown

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Traveling as a Muslim often means being mindful of where to find a moment for prayer amidst the hustle of journeys. Recognizing this, South Korea has been enhancing its facilities for Muslim travelers, with Incheon Airport at the forefront of these efforts. A primary gateway to the country, the airport now boasts additional amenities to accommodate the spiritual needs of its guests.

Incheon Airport: A Spiritual Stopover

At Incheon Airport, your spiritual practice doesn't have to take a backseat during your travels. With its well-thought-out infrastructure, the airport features dedicated prayer rooms across its main boarding areas: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and the Concourse. Although each terminal has its prayer space, a little guidance may be needed to find these tranquil spots.

Terminal 1:

Location of Prayer Room at Incheon Airport

Head to Gate 24. This gate serves as a central point among the 50 gates available. Once there, move towards the boarding area adjacent to Gate 24. That's where you'll find the prayer room waiting.

Location of Prayer Room at Terminal 1

Terminal 1: A Newly Enhanced Prayer Room

The airport recently welcomed the addition of a new prayer room located in the transfer area on the 4th floor's west side, near Gate 29. This area is designed to be a restful spot for both transfer passengers and those departing from Terminal 1. While the prayer room is easily accessible, the foot-washing room is currently marked as out of service, but it does not detract from the peaceful atmosphere created for your moments of prayer and contemplation.

To find this new prayer room, keep an eye out for the Transfer Desk signage as you approach Gate 29. It's a spot where you can comfortably unwind and engage in your religious observances in privacy and peace.

Prayer Room of Incheon Airport

By providing these dedicated spaces, Incheon Airport solidifies its reputation as a considerate stopover, ensuring that the spiritual dimensions of travel are respected and catered for. Whether you're just arriving, in transit, or about to depart, the airport serves as a comforting reminder that Seoul is a city that honors the diverse needs of its international visitors.

Terminal 2:

Situated on the fourth floor at the heart of the terminal, you can easily locate the prayer room amidst the Korean Air lounge and a selection of restaurants. Once you complete your security checks, you'll be near the center of the 3rd floor. From there, a short jaunt will take you to an escalator that leads to the prayer room on the 4th floor. Look out for the prayer room sign – you can't miss it! Bonus: this space is more expansive than the one in Terminal 1.

Location of Prayer Room at Terminal 2

The Concourse:

Head to the central 4th floor near the duty-free goods delivery zone. If you're arriving from Terminal 1, descend to the basement, catch the driverless train to the Concourse, and then use the escalator or elevator to get to the 3rd floor. Your destination? The 4th floor, which you can access by the escalator near the duty-free pick up sign. It's spacious and welcoming. Should you find the lights turned off due to inactivity, simply flip the switch by the entrance.

Location of Prayer Room at Concourse Building

While it's wonderful that there are dedicated prayer spaces in each terminal, it's worth noting that these rooms aren't segregated by gender.

Prayer Rooms in the Heart of Seoul

Beyond the airport, the bustling city of Seoul offers several prayer spaces, notably:

- Al-Falah Mosque/Al-Falah Most at 5, Yeongshin-ro 19-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
- COEX, 3rd floor Conference Room (300) with separate sections for men and women. Open from 03:00 to 22:00.
- Lotte World, Adventure 3rd floor next to the Jungle Adventure Boat exit. Open from 09:30 to 22:00.
- Lotte Department Store in Songpa District, 6th floor of AvenueL. Separate sections available.
- Seoul National University Hospital, Life Sciences Research Center, 1st floor.
- Other Hospitals: Korea University Anam Hospital, Catholic University Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, Wooridul Hospital, Samsung Seoul Hospital, and Seoul Asan Hospital.

Wrapping Up

The increasing footfall of Muslim tourists in Korea has sparked conversations about amplifying the number of prayer rooms. While halal and vegan eateries may sprout up swiftly owing to their profitability, prayer spaces being service areas might see slower growth. Hence, it's always a good idea to plan ahead. Even if you can't locate a dedicated prayer room, seeking a quiet corner, perhaps in your hotel, can serve as a peaceful alternative. Safe travels and may your spiritual journey in Seoul be a fulfilling one!

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