August 15, 2023

New Rookie Idol Group Brand Reputation Ranking for June Revealed


The Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute extracted a total of 18,054,498 pieces of big data related to the brand reputation of new rookie idol groups from May 8, 2023, to June 8, 2023. Compared to the previous month, the number of big data decreased by 3.60%, with 18,729,404 pieces of data analyzed in May.

Score Graph of Brand Reputation Ranking of Idol Group

The brand reputation index is a metric derived from the analysis of brand big data, which reveals that consumers' online habits greatly influence brand consumption. Through the analysis of brand reputation for new rookie idol groups, it is possible to measure the positive and negative evaluation of idol group brands, media interest, consumer interest, and communication volume. The qualitative evaluation by the brand reputation monitor was also included.

The brand reputation analysis for new rookie idol groups was conducted by integrating the brand categories of boy groups and girl groups, measuring consumer participation, media index, communication index, and community index to analyze the brand reputation index. The analysis was based on big data from idol groups that debuted after 2022.

The top 10 ranking for new rookie idol group brand reputation in June 2023 is as follows: New Jeans, Fifty Fifty, LE  SSERAFIM,  H1-KEY, BOYNEXTDOOR, The Wind, NMIXX,  Kep1er, tripleS, ARTBEA

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