March 3, 2024

Safe, Simple, and Cashless: Prepaid Cards as Your Travel Companion in Korea

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Welcome back to our in-depth exploration of cashless travel in Korea! Following our previous discussion about the convenience of credit cards in Korea, as highlighted in the first article of this series, we now shift our focus to address a common concern among travelers: security and practicality in using cards abroad. While credit cards are widely accepted in Korea, including for small transactions and public transportation, the necessity of a separate transportation card for buses and trains can be a hassle. Moreover, traveling with credit cards often brings anxiety over potential risks like card duplication or unauthorized use if lost.

Seamless Travel in Korea: The WOWPASS Advantage

This is where the concept of a prepaid card becomes particularly appealing. Many travelers, myself included, have increasingly turned to prepaid cards as a secure and convenient alternative while traveling abroad. A prepaid card, like the WOWPASS, which we're introducing in this article, offers a compelling solution to these concerns. Since it operates within the limit of your pre-charged amount, the risk associated with losing the card or having it duplicated is significantly minimized. With WOWPASS, you can enjoy the ease of digital payments and the security of capped spending, all while avoiding the need for a separate transportation card. This prepaid card is not only your key to effortless exploration but also a safeguard against common travel-related financial worries. Let's dive deeper into how WOWPASS is revolutionizing the way we travel in Korea.

Key Features of WOWPASS:

  • Home Currency Top-Up: Recharge your WOWPASS with your own currency, bypassing the need for currency exchange counters and concerns about fluctuating exchange rates.
  • Real-Time Balance Monitoring: The WOWPASS app keeps you continuously updated. Monitor your spending and check your card balance in real time, displayed in your chosen currency.
  • Clear Payment History: Every transaction is meticulously recorded. You can review your spending history anytime, staying fully in control of your expenses.
  • Instant Transaction Alerts: Receive immediate push alerts for each transaction, detailing the amount spent in KRW.
  • Security and Control: In the event of loss, you can instantly freeze your card via the app, safeguarding your funds. Should you find your card again, reactivating it is just as effortless.
  • Hassle-Free Recovery: If your card remains lost, simply get a new one issued at any WOW Exchange kiosk, complete with your previous balance.

Your WOWPASS Experience

Imagine walking through Myeongdong's bustling streets, tapping your WOWPASS to indulge in local street food. Or visiting a K-pop store where a simple card swipe secures your purchase. Forget the confusion of handling unfamiliar currency; your phone instantly confirms each transaction.

Navigating the city's sleek subway system to Gangnam becomes a breeze with WOWPASS's integrated Tmoney function—no need for a separate transportation card. Shopping becomes more exciting with real-time cashback rewards enhancing every purchase.

Should your WOWPASS go missing in the thrill of travel, there's no cause for alarm. A quick action on your app freezes the card, protecting your balance. And if you find it again, reactivating it is straightforward.

As your Korean adventure winds down, converting any remaining balance on your WOWPASS back to cash is simple, ensuring you leave with just memories and plans for a return trip.

WOWPASS is more than a payment option; it reflects Korea's commitment to innovation and convenience for travelers. By integrating advanced technology with a deep understanding of travelers' needs, WOWPASS ensures your focus remains on experiencing Korea's vibrant culture and stunning beauty.

During my travels elsewhere, I've personally adopted the use of prepaid cards for their financial benefits and security. Enjoying favorable exchange rates and avoiding hefty fees, I've found this method not only maximizes my travel budget but also provides peace of mind. I don't have to deal with the risks of carrying large sums of cash. The ability to instantly block a lost card is a convenience that has proven invaluable, making the prepaid card an essential part of my travel kit. Embracing this seamless experience can truly make your travels stress-free. With WOWPASS, Korea is at your fingertips, ready to be explored.

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Location of WOWPASS Kiosks

At Incheon International Airport:

For travelers at Incheon International Airport, WOWPASS kiosks are strategically positioned for your convenience. You can find these kiosks at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 stations, but they are located beyond the AREX (Express Train) gates. To access these kiosks, you need to have an AREX ticket. Please keep in mind that while these kiosks facilitate cash exchange and card re-issuance, they are not equipped for balance withdrawal. So, if you're planning to utilize these services upon arrival or before departure, remember to secure an AREX ticket for access to the kiosks inside the gate area.

  • Passenger Terminal 1

  • Passenger Terminal 2

At Other Locations:

For additional locations of WOWPASS kiosks outside of Incheon International Airport, please refer to the official site. This will provide you with the most updated and comprehensive information about kiosk locations, ensuring you can easily find and access these services wherever you are in Korea.

WOWPASS Airport Package

For travelers seeking a convenient start to their journey in Korea, the WOWPASS Airport Package is an excellent choice. This package, which can be conveniently picked up at telecommunication desks in select airports (Incheon Airport T1/2, Gimpo Airport), includes the vital WOWPASS card and a choice of USIM or eSIM cards. The WOWPASS card, essential for seamless travel, comes with a pre-charged T-money balance of 10,000 won for immediate use, although its initial balance is 0 won. To charge the WOWPASS card for other purchases, you will need to visit a WOWPASS kiosk, conveniently located in various places. The combination of the WOWPASS card and telecommunication services in one package makes the WOWPASS Airport Package a practical option for those looking to streamline their travel preparations.

In conclusion, WOWPASS offers a notable advantage over the previously discussed KOREA TOUR CARD, especially with its higher recharge limit. The WOWPASS can be recharged up to 1,000,000 won, doubling the 500,000 won limit of the KOREA TOUR CARD. This higher limit makes WOWPASS highly practical for extensive use, akin to a regular credit card. However, while the KOREA TOUR CARD allows for easy recharging via a credit card and is widely accessible for purchase and refunds, the availability of WOWPASS kiosks for purchase and refund is comparatively more limited.
A notable advantage of WOWPASS over the KOREA TOUR CARD is its flexible recharge options. Unlike the KOREA TOUR CARD, which is limited to Korean won, WOWPASS allows recharging with local currencies like dollars, in addition to won. This flexibility is a significant benefit for international travelers, particularly considering that currency exchange fees with WOWPASS are approximately 50% lower than those at the airport. However, it's worth mentioning that these rates might not be as competitive as those found downtown.
If your primary goal is to replace a regular credit card and minimize associated risks while traveling in Korea, the WOWPASS CARD is highly recommended. It offers a blend of convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness that can greatly enhance your travel experience. We encourage you to refer to the previous article for a more detailed comparison and choose the option that best suits your travel needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. WOWPASS Payment Locations: 
  • Use WOWPASS anywhere in Korea where credit cards are accepted, including restaurants, cafes, taxis, malls, and more. However, it's not usable online, for large payments at KTX, or in cash-only places like food stalls.
Q2. Handling 'No Tmoney Balance' Alerts: 
  • Recharge your T-money separately at subway vending machines or convenience stores using KRW cash. 
Q3. Availability of WOWPASS Machines at Airports: 
  • Find these machines at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 and 2 Stations, and Gimpo Airport Station. 
Q4. Online/Mobile App Payments: 
  • Currently, WOWPASS is not accepted for online or mobile app payments.
Q5. Refunding Card Balance: 
  • Refund your WOWPASS balance in Korean Won cash at WOW Exchange machines. A PIN from the mobile app is required for authentication.
Q6. Card Validity: 
  • The WOWPASS card is valid for 6 years, and the balance is valid for 6 years from the last recharge or reissue.
Q7. Recharge Limits: 
  • The maximum recharge limit is KRW 1 million, with daily and weekly limits as well.
Q8. Issues with Card Registration in App: 
  • If your card isn’t activating, contact customer service with your card and passport details for assistance.
Q9. WOWPASS Service Fees: 
  • Initial membership fee is 5,000 KRW, balance withdrawal fee is 1,000 KRW, and card reissue fee is 3,000 KRW. No fees for currency exchange, top-up, or payments.
Q10. Eligibility for WOWPASS: 
  • WOWPASS is available for all foreign travelers to Korea, but not for Korean nationals living overseas. 

These FAQs aim to clarify the usage, benefits, and limitations of WOWPASS, ensuring a smooth and informed experience for travelers in Korea.

For additional information, including detailed photos and content about WOWPASS, be sure to visit the official WOWPASS website. This resource provides comprehensive insights and updates, complementing the information shared in our article.

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