January 5, 2024

TWICE Unveils Captivating Images and Announces New Single 'Hare Hare'; World Tour and Japanese Debut Unit MISAMO Create Buzz


TWICE recently thrilled fans through their official Japanese SNS channel by unveiling their 10th single, 'Hare Hare,' and captivating individual and group images. The elegant and mesmerizing visuals of the members in the images have left fans intrigued, adding to the anticipation for their upcoming album.

Building on their unparalleled success, TWICE recently made history as the first K-pop girl group to perform in Japanese stadiums with their 'TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR - READY TO BE' plan. Their remarkable popularity was evident as they achieved the fastest Tokyo Dome entry for a foreign artist in March 2019 and accomplished three consecutive sold-out performances at Tokyo Dome in April 2022, solidifying their prominent position in the K-pop industry.

In July, TWICE will debut their first unit, MISAMO, consisting of members Mina, Sana, and Momo, exclusively in Japan. This highly anticipated unit, named after the first letters of each member's name, will release their first Japanese mini-album on July 26, marking a significant milestone in TWICE's eight-year journey.

Starting from April 15-16, 2023, with their fifth world tour at KSPO DOME in Seoul, TWICE will captivate audiences across 14 locations worldwide. The tour includes performances in Sydney, Melbourne, Osaka, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Toronto, New York, and Atlanta. Notably, TWICE's stadium performances at Osaka Yanmar Stadium, Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium, Los Angeles Sofai Stadium, and New York MetLife Stadium will showcase their global influence, with the Los Angeles show already achieving the remarkable feat of being the first full-capacity sold-out concert by a K-pop girl group.

Driven by the unwavering support of their fans, known as ONCE, TWICE's new single album 'Hare Hare' will be released on May 31, 2023, further fueling their rising international popularity.

JYP Entertainment, TWICE's agency, recently uploaded an image to their official SNS channel with the caption "You're #KillinMeGood August 2023," creating a buzz among fans. The image exudes a cinematic vibe with its captivating color palette, composition, and typography. Fans worldwide have been eagerly speculating about the enigmatic figure holding a steering wheel and the meaning behind the phrase "Killin' Me Good."

As TWICE continues to conquer the global music scene, their monumental achievements and captivating performances have firmly established them as the leading "global girl group." From their recent world tour opening to their upcoming Japanese debut unit MISAMO and the release of their new single 'Hare Hare,' TWICE's worldwide fan base eagerly anticipates their next move.

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