January 29, 2024

TWICE Unveils New Single 'I GOT YOU', Nayeon Embraces Philanthropy with Honor Society Membership


TWICE, the globally renowned K-pop group, has excited fans with a preview of their new single 'I GOT YOU', ahead of their 13th mini-album 'With YOU-th', set to release on February 23rd. On January 5th, JYP Entertainment released a snippet of the song on their official social media channels, sparking anticipation for the full release.

The teaser features the nine members showcasing their strong camaraderie and shared support, evident in the lyrics “We were lightning from the start And it keeps me going to know that No matter what you got me, I got you And I wouldn’t want it any other way.” 'I GOT YOU' follows TWICE's successful English-language hits like 'The Feels' and 'MOONLIGHT SUNRISE', with its distinctive sound characterized by a simple drum pattern and ambient sound, further emphasizing the group's vocal harmony and their long-standing bond.

In parallel with their musical achievements, TWICE's Nayeon has stepped into the realm of philanthropy by becoming the first member of the Love's Fruit Honor Society for 2024. This act of kindness follows her previous anonymous donation to Donggang Hospital, aimed at aiding low-income patients. Her continued support, including a recent 30 million won donation, underlines her commitment to social causes and making a positive impact beyond the music scene.

With their fifth world tour 'READY TO BE' underway, TWICE continues to make significant strides both on stage and in their community, solidifying their status as global icons.

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