June 16, 2024

Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Convenience Stores: Your Last Chance for Korean Snack Shopping


As mentioned in our previous article on Incheon Airport Terminal 1, convenience stores at airports typically don't generate significant revenue. However, in South Korea, these stores offer a wide range of snacks, beverages, gimbap(김밥), ramen(라면), and essential everyday items at affordable prices. For travelers wanting a quick bite or drink, Incheon Airport's convenience stores provide a budget-friendly option compared to other food and beverage outlets. Despite the preference for high-margin food and beverage outlets, Incheon Airport prioritizes passenger convenience by operating convenience stores both landside and airside. The two major brands, CU and GS25, have stores here.

Where to Buy Snacks at Incheon Airport Terminal 2

In Terminal 2, there is one store in the underground transportation center (B1), one in the central area of the 1st floor, and one on the 3rd floor landside. Airside, there are two stores in both the east and west wings, operating 24 hours a day.

Total Store Count:

- B1: 1 store (landside)

- 1st floor: 1 store (landside)

- 3rd floor: 3 stores (1 landside, 2 airside)

Specific Store Locations:

1. B1, Transportation Center Central (CU)

2. 1st floor, Central Area (CU)

3. 3rd floor, Central Area (GS25)

4. 3rd floor, near Gate 254 (CU)

5. 3rd floor, near Gate 232 (GS25)

Special Feature: Snack-Focused Store at B1 Transportation Center

In this article, we highlight the snack-focused store operated by CU in the B1 Transportation Center of Terminal 2. Unlike typical convenience stores, this store showcases a curated selection of Korean snacks and ramen in a specialized display, offering a unique shopping experience. Items are available at the same affordable prices as in regular stores. If you arrive at Terminal 2 by subway, you’ll pass through this area, making it a must-visit spot. Even if you don't plan on buying snacks, the display area offers a delightful and new experience.

Snack and Ramen Libraries

The store is divided into a Snack Library and a Ramen Library. Here, you can see and purchase every type of Korean snack and ramen. It's a great place to pick up gifts for friends. Personally, I enjoy buying famous ramen to cook myself, which is an enjoyable and inexpensive experience. The top-selling ramen in Korea are:

1. Shin Ramyun(신라면)

2. Chapagetti(짜파게티)

3. Jin Ramen(진라면)

4. Buldak Bokkeummyeon(불닭볶음면)

5. Yukgaejang(육개장)

6. Ansungtangmyun(안성탕면)

7. Neoguri(너구리)

8. Wang Ttukong(왕뚜껑)

9. Samyang Ramen(삼양라면)

10. Bibimmyun(비빔면)

If you plan to cook the ramen yourself, be sure to follow the cooking times on the packaging. All ramen varieties are great, but if you prefer soup-based ramen, Shin Ramyun is a solid choice. For a cool summer treat, I personally recommend Bibimmyun.

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